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Questions from past papers and the NCERT are the most important for Board preparation. Instead of mindless practice, narrow the field, save time and gain more marks by classifying each question as Easy, Moderate or Difficult as you attempt each question. The moment you master it, you can reclassify it. See your marks grow with each sitting.

Revise on Full Course

CWY or Compete with Yourself is assessment "AS" learning. This means as you complete each paper, you know more, and will have corrected most of your own mistakes. Besides, get tips, solutions, personal revision task cards based on your personal diagnosis, videos and practice exactly what you need to. It is the smartest way to study for the upcoming exams. See your marks grow with each completed session.

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SURE SUCCESS Toolkits are not just questions and solutions of past papers. The question and solution books are deliberately separated so that you can solve a chunk of questions first, then look up solutions to cross check your own work. A frequency chart tells you exactly how many questions have come in the last 10 to 25 years in topics relevant to the upcoming Board Exams. It also acts as your smart revision planner.

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