Progress More without Stress.

Heyexams by TARGETplus are progress tools that deliver better results. They are based on principle of the Ipsative: Compete With Yourself (CWY). These tools and processes are proven to be more effective than the traditional approach.

Revise Topic Wise:

No better way to study for an upcoming UNIT TEST or Exam. Self-analyse each question as Easy, Moderate or Difficult. Re-classify as you master each question.

Revise on Full Course:

Get exact diagnosis of subject wise topics and questions in three colour categories: Green (Good), Blue (Moderately Difficult) and Orange (Difficult) at the moment for you. As you attempt each question, you get to read tips that help you quickly grasp a topic, and reattempt questions, gaining marks and greater confidence during the assessment itself. A detailed report is your personalized study plan. You also get personal revision task cards and videos to watch. There is no faster way to marks!

Heyexams by TARGETplus is the fastest way to the results you want.

Go CWY: Compete with yourself!


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