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The reason TARGETplus progress tools work is simple. You are in the driver’s seat and you compete with yourself (CWY)!

YEAR LONG practice sessions help you to select those topics you need to study for an upcoming UNIT TEST or Exam. Self-analyse areas of your own difficulty. Re-classify them as you master each. By classifying each question as Easy, Moderate or Difficult, you get to work on your perceived areas of difficulty.

YEAR END CWY Pre-Board sessions provide you exact diagnosis of your needs for an upcoming Board Exam. No guess work is necessary. You get support to fix remaining needs and get learning where you need to. This highly targeted approach saves you lots of time. Personal revision task cards are tailor made for you. They are provided in three spaced-repetition categories: daily, weekly and parked for you to revise just before exams. Watch a video when you need to. There is no faster way to marks!

&Take the next CWY session to gauge progress and to work upon those areas that remain to be perfected. If you take four or more CWY sessions before a Board, you can get 90-100%.

Heyexams by TARGETplus is the fastest way to the results you want. Try it out in one subject for your upcoming exam and discover for yourself. You will be hooked on it!

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Hear what All India Rank 1 students and other toppers have to say about TARGETplus.